Penzion Resla

Penzion Resla accommodation near Klopačka is located in the center of Banská Štiavnica, near the historic building of the Klopačka. Klopačka tower is a 2-storey renaissance-baroque building, built in 1681. The building of the Penzion Resla accommodation was built in 15th century. The building is national cultural monument. Its current form is the result of architectural development in each subsequent stylistic period. The building in each part of its constructions bears legible traces, such as baroque and renaissance paintings on the facade, a gothic portal on the first floor, a simple stone portal on the ground floor, wooden beamed ceilings and vaults. The building was renovated and put into operation in 2006. Penzion Resla accommodation has one of the most beautiful views of the town of Banská Štiavnica, which is on the UNESCO list.


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Penzion Resla

Penzión Resla pri Klopačke
Dolná Resla 2
969 01, Banská Štiavnica